One-Day Workshop

Sunday 5th June: What a fantastic day! The weather was warm and sunny and we have an enthusiastic group to try their hand at pottery.


During the course of the day we produced various slab pots, decorative mugs and lots of exciting and ‘artistic’ pots on the wheel.

IMG_2681 IMG_2677

After all of this hard work we enjoyed an alfresco lunch.



A good time was had by all and these are the results which will be dried, fired and glazed over the next couple of weeks. Not bad for a days work!


20th June the pots have been glazed and fired.

finished pots

Welcome to the Studio

IMG_0099Welcome to my world. I make pots for pleasure and pass on my accumulated knowledge and passion for the craft to my students. I am excited about glazes and firing and just love working on the wheel. There is so much to discover and experiment with it is sometimes difficult to choose in which direction to focus. Having been tutored in the Studio Pottery tradition I find it difficult to move away from and am constantly being drawn to the work of some of the fantastic potters of the 20th century as well as some of the major figures in the traditional craft of pottery today.