Malcolm Macdonald – born again potter

I have spent the major part of my life involved in art of one form or another.
Having studied pottery at Shrewsbury School of Art, with Leo Matthews, in the sixties, I have variously been involved with art education, photography, graphic design and printing.

On leaving Art School I spent just a few years teaching pottery but had not touched clay again for some 35 years.

Having acquired a large workshop/studio directly opposite the house, I have been able to re-acquaint myself with the craft and the passion that I once enjoyed as a student.

My work follows in the tradition of Studio Pottery, functional domestic stoneware, largely wheel thrown. I love experimenting with glazes and everything is made from basic raw materials including the wood ash from the studio log burner. I fire with propane gas which gives a lovely hue to the work and can give some very original and surprising effects. With handmade pottery no two pieces are truly identical each piece is individual and to me that is the real beauty. We are not an industrial process. Most of the work will have some reference to the potter’s hand, be it the throwing rings or the moulding of handles or the masking of the glaze by the potter’s fingers when dipping or pouring the glaze.

The studio is situated in Nutbourne, near Chichester, West Sussex with views across marshes to Chichester Harbour.

contact: thestudio@dobbies.netMJM

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